Every two months we put a spotlight on a team member which entails some details about their life that they want to share as well as their photo. The first five customers that can estimate what the Team Members favorite menu item is at the Taqueria, gets a free burrito, churro, and agua fresca.

How does it work? You come in, say the name of the team member and the menu item that you think they like the best, and we’ll let you know if you're a winner.

Come in and Meet our Team!


Jessica McGuirl
First Pancake Studio

Our team catered Jessica & Robin’s rehearsal dinner in 2013 in Jamestown, Rhode Island. We were amazed by the details in the map she created for her guests as it was a destination wedding for some. So when we were about to open, we collaborated on the look and colors and Jessica created and executed the most amazing mural in our location in Providence.

Diego Rivera

We love his work, especially “Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park”. Our team couldn’t be more proud to display a replica of this piece in our little shop in Fox Point, Providence, Rhode Island.

Alana Riley

She took our vision and designed this site to enhance where we are now and where we want to be!

RISD Design Guild

Our first printed menu was designed by one of RISD’s students, Stephanie Low. Without ever meeting, as she was in NYC while we we’re opening, she designed the perfect ToGo menu and assisted in print production.